KG6MZS – Eric Fitzgerald

Hello and welcome to my virtual ham shack. I am a southern Californian native and the son of two southern Californian natives This is the exception to the rule in a place where everyone here seems to be transplanted from somewhere else.

As a boy in the ’60’s growing up in Pacific Palisades I became fascinated by astronomy. My good friend and neighbor, Allan Gardner, introduced me to the heavens. We spent many nights exploring the night sky from our suburban backyards.

On many nights the marine layer fog would roll in off the nearby ocean and spoil our observing for the evening. My buddy Al had a cool room off the detached garage and we would retreat there and fire up his battered second-hand Hallicrafters S-38. We would spend hours at the VFO of that old radio like safe-crackers carefully trying to coax faraway signals out of that battered old radio.

Thus kindled a new passion in me – high frequency radio.

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