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You can follow me on my latest Summits on the Air activation via my Garmin InReach share.garmin.com/kg6mzs and via APRSdirect as KG6MZS-7

Some recent Summits on the Air activations:

Sandstone Peak x3

Two days before Christmas I return for a glorious third activation of the misnamed Sandstone Peak. Santa Catalina Island in this view looking from Chester the Drone. 23 DECEMBER 2022 W6/CC-056 This is a classic hike that I give four stars to with one very important caveat: it is an incredibly popular hike. I usually…

Summit 4,460′

On the Edison road to the summit. 26 NOVEMBER 2022 W6/CT-144 Elevation:4,460’Route: Short cross countryHike Distance: .6 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 250’Navigation: EasySteepness: gentleVehicle: SUV High clearance recommended Road: Edison dirt roadCell Coverage: Good (Verizon), APRS ExcellentHike basics This activation didn’t exactly go smoothy but ended up being surprisingly enjoyable. In preparing for this…

Santiago Peak

Looking north past Modjeska Peak to the San Gabriel Mountains. 5 NOVEMBER 2022 W6/CT-023 Elevation:4,689’Route: Drive upHike Distance: n/a Elevation Gain: n/aNavigation: EasySteepness: n/aVehicle: SUV High clearance recommended Road: Forest Service dirtCell Coverage: Good (Verizon), APRS ExcellentHike basics Lots of people crowded this “techno summit” on the Saturday I decided to activate Santiago Peak. My…

Here are my summit ratings from no stars (a one off) to four stars (a classic)

Here is a video of my latest adventure into the wilds of western Nevada: