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You can follow me on my latest Summits on the Air activation via my Garmin InReach share.garmin.com/kg6mzs

Some recent Summits on the Air activations:

Capulin Mountain

Looking southeast from the rim of Capulin Volcano toward Sierra Grande. 4 JUNE 2023 W5N/SG-009 Elevation:8,182’Route: Paved trailHike Distance: 1 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 300’Navigation: EasySteepness: GentleVehicle: Passenger carRoad: PavedCell Coverage: Excellent (Verizon), excellent APRSHike basics Cassie KG6MZR and I spent the night in Raton after activating Maidenhead grid square DM86 or the north…

Here are my summit ratings from no stars (a one off) to four stars (a classic)

Here is a video of my latest adventure into the wilds of western Nevada: