Summit Ratings

Admittedly rating summits is subjective analysis. Please take my ratings with a grain of salt. Perhaps the most worthwhile objective information you might take away from this list is that a “no star” rating is a summit that is a one-off for me. A summit that I would not return to. The rest is how I feel about the drive, the hike, the view and the specific conditions that I experienced on the day that I was there: my physical state of being, my mental set of mind, the weather and traffic. Obviously your mileage may vary on all that.

SummitRatingDesignatorDate First Visit Date
Calabasas Peak★★☆☆W6/CT-214August 1, 2020
Saddle Peak★★☆☆W6/CT-274August 5, 2020
Mount Islip★★☆☆W6/CT-010August 8, 2020
Kratka Ridge★★☆☆W6/CT-014August 8, 2020
Lady Face Mountain★★☆☆W6/SC-285August 14, 2020
Josephine Peak★★☆☆W6/CT-025August 16, 2020
Throop Peak★★★☆W6/CT-005August 22, 2020
Mount Lewis★☆☆☆W6/CT-246August 22, 2020
Waterman Mountain★★★☆W6/CT-012August 29, 2020
Chatsworth Peak☆☆☆☆W6/CT-036September 2, 2020
Triunfo Lookout★★★☆W6/SC-219Sep 29, 2020
Sandstone Peak★★★☆W6/CC-056October 6, 2020
Temescal Peak★★☆☆W6/CT-218October 9, 2020
Simi Peak★★☆☆W6/CT-207October 13, 2020
Timber Mountain★★☆☆W6/CT-052October 17, 2020
1,470′★☆☆☆W6/SC-347October 20, 2020
2,450′ “Bodle Peak”★☆☆☆W6/SC-237October 22, 2020
Sunset Peak★★★☆W6/CT-022October 24, 2020
Hoyt Mountain★★☆☆W6/CT-146October 31, 2020
4,020′ (W6/CT-158)★★☆☆W6/CT-158November 7, 2020
Cahuenga Peak★★☆☆W6/CT-037November 8, 2020
Oat Mountain
Mount Pinos
Frazier Mountain
Kagel Mountain
Verdugo Mountains HP
Flint Peak
Cerro Negro Benchmark
Yerba Buena Ridge
Clark’s Peak
Strawberry Peak
Mount Lawlor
Libre Mountain
Slide Mountain
Conejo Mountain
Tecuya Mountain
Jupiter Mountain
4,020′ (W6/CT-263)
Ortega Peak
Saddleback Butte
Figueroa Mountain
Circle Mountain
Sierra Pelona
Mount McDill
Keller Peak
Arctic Point
Grass Mountain
Reyes Peak
Fortynine Hill
Cerro Grande
Parajito Mountain
Wheeler Peak
Mount San Antonio
Mount Hooper
Mount Gleason
Mount Lukins
Lookout Mountain
Castro Peak
Alamo Mountain
Round Mountain
Pacifico Mountain
La Jolla Peak
Workman Hill
Simi Peak
Escapula Peak
Haddock Mountain
San Gabriel Peak
Occidental Peak
Cerro Noroeste
Table Mountain
Black Butte
San Juan Hill
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