Cerro de los Taoses

Looking south at dawn toward Tres Orejas (W5N/OT-026) and Santa Fe Baldy.

14 JULY 2022 W5N/OT-025

Route: Wide open cross country
Hike Distance: 1.2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 400′
Navigation: Easy
Steepness: Easy
Vehicle: High clearance passenger vehicle
Road: Seasonal, very rocky at the end.
Cell Coverage: Fair (Verizon)
Hike basics

For this really fun activation I got up around 5AM and the full moon was hanging low over the Taos Mesa. My work schedule had subsided the day before and I felt I could reasonably take off and get in an early activation before clients started calling me again.

I followed Tom K6TAA’s directions and found the approach to be pretty rocky toward the end. I was glad to have a high clearance truck and I certainly would not want to try these deeply rutted roads in wet conditions.

The hike is pretty short and straightforward. The little community I passed through is pretty, uh, different. I was a little nervous parking past the abandoned trailer, but the early hour seemed to be in my favor. On my way back I talked with Joshua, a resident in the last house I passed and he was curious as to what brought me out his way. Once I told him I was hiking he was quite friendly. He did say that I woke him up at 6:00 when I drove by, but that he was fine with me hiking up Cerro de los Taoses. he said not many people came down his road.

After I did Tres Orejas (W5N/OT-026) last week I was contacted by Eli HA9RE in Hungary. Eli is a dedicated US county hunter and he expressed a desire to add Taos County to his log. I figured that I might be be able to work him from the portal of my wife’s little adobe near Arroyo Seco using my K3/100 at 100 watts and a large doublet.

I was shocked when Eli called me on 20m toward the end of my activation! He was a solid 54 to me and he gave my little 12 watt signal a 33. This made both of our days!

I also worked Adam K6ARK on Red Butte in Arizona for a summit-to-summit and a lot of my favorite chasers, including Jon NT6E back home. This turned out to be a really fun activation!

Whitedog at the trailhead at dawn.
Chester shot of the shadow of Cerro de los Taoses. Chicoma Peak and the Valles Caldera out across the Taos Mesa.
The station
Happy activator.

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