Monte Largo

Looking southwest at the station on the summit. 25 FEBRUARY 2023 W5N/SI-014 Elevation: 7,710′ Route: Use trail Hike Distance: 2.6 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 675′ Navigation: A bit tricky Steepness: Moderate Vehicle: Passenger car Road: Paved Cell Coverage: None (Verizon), APRS Excellent Hike basics Due to heavy snowfall in New Mexico I limited myContinue reading “Monte Largo”

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain from the gate off Highway 80 4 FEBRUARY 2023 W5N/PL-008 Elevation: 5,774′ Route: Cross country Hike Distance: 2.3 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 950′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Moderate Vehicle: High clearance suggested Road: Dirt Cell Coverage: Good (Verizon), APRS Excellent Hike basics On my way to Cassie’s little adobe casita in north-central NewContinue reading “Blue Mountain”

Cerro de los Taoses

Looking south at dawn toward Tres Orejas (W5N/OT-026) and Santa Fe Baldy. 14 JULY 2022 W5N/OT-025 Route: Wide open cross country Hike Distance: 1.2 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 400′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Easy Vehicle: High clearance passenger vehicle Road: Seasonal, very rocky at the end. Cell Coverage: Fair (Verizon) Hike basics For this reallyContinue reading “Cerro de los Taoses”

Sandia Crest

The Kiwanis Hut in the activation zone south of the RF maelstrom that is the actual crest 29 JANUARY 2022 W5N/SI-001 Back in 1989 my then-girlfriend wanted to show me her little Adobe in north-central New Mexico. As we drove through Albuquerque for my first time, I looked up to the majestic Sandia Crest andContinue reading “Sandia Crest”