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Currently I operate an Elecraft K3 – mostly in the digital modes. I finished off the interior of a tool shed and use it as a radio shack. It doubles as a clean tool shed and a music studio. For antennas I use a multiband doublet that is resonate on 40m. It is up about 40 feet in the trees around the shack. I also have a full-sized 20m rotatable dipole, a 10m rotatable dipole and a Comet CX-333 vertical for 2m and 70cm. There is a map of the rest of the gear below.

Using Boot Camp on a vintage iMac, I run Windows 8.1 native. I use the Ham Radio Deluxe suite including Digital Master 780 as a digital interface via an Xonar U4 external soundcard.

The SOTA station incorporates an Elecraft KX2 with a Bioenno 3AH external battery. My main SOTA antenna is a home brew 20 AWG zip cord doublet that is resonate on 20m. I also carry a PackTenna end-fed random wire antenna for quick deployment in tough conditions. For 2m and 70cm I use a Kenwood TH-F6a and a roll-up Slim Jim. Antennas are supported with a Goture 24′ carbon fiber fishing pole.

Latest Posts

Occidental Peak

Mount Lowe, Mount Markham and San Gabriel Peak 27 NOVEMBER 2021 W6/CT-098 Blog to follow in a few days… Stay tuned…

San Gabriel Peak

A fruitful activation with 30 contacts and a bonus: I go to meet Mountain Goat David N6AN on the way down!

Haddock Mountain

Cottonwoods in upper Sespe Canyon on the way home. 23 OCTOBER 2021 W6/SC-005 This trip took a lot longer than I planned. I left Topanga at about 4 AM in a thick drizzle. As I slowly made my way through Calabasas, Agoura and Thousand Oaks it became a steady rain. This slowed me down aContinue reading “Haddock Mountain”


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Current operating position at KG6MZS.

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