Alamo Mountain

The summit block on Alamo Mountain with Frazier Peak in the background

21 AUGUST 2021 W6/CC-008

On September 28, 1997 I drove my old Volvo sedan up the Alamo Mountain road to the south side of the mountain. I remember the road as being a pretty good road and the hike being an easy stroll though the pine trees to the summit, so it seemed like a perfect fit for my brother. He is down for a week or so visiting from his home in Alaska.

The road is in considerably worse shape than it was 24 years ago and we only managed to make it half way up the mountain with my old Audi A4. Given that the summit has only been activated 4 times previously – and the last time was in 2014 – I should’ve guessed that the road was in bad shape. It is still not difficult for a high clearance, 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Because of the limitations of the Audi – and we probably drove it further than we should’ve – the easy half mile jaunt of a couple hundred feet became a four and a half mile hike up 2,200 feet of elevation gain!

To top it off, my brother’s hiking boot failed and we had to tie it together with some paracord. To shorten the trip to the summit I did a steep cross-country section from the road junction on the north side of the mountain. This proved to be too much for Mark and he waited there for me to ascend and activate the summit.

I made 10 quick QSOs on 2 meters and descended to rejoin my brother. I didn’t bother with HF, the KX2, the table and chair, just lofting the carbon fiber fishing pole with the roll-up slimjim. I used the cool summit block as table and chair. Just 5 watts with my aging Kenwood TH-F6A.

I didn’t actually use the phone, but I believe cell coverage by Verizon is good up the mountain.

Mark on the long hike up with Frazier Mountain and the Tehacapi Range behind him.
My brother’s fancy footware.

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I'm a graphic artist in the movie business. When I was a kid I got interested in astronomy. When it would get too cloudy to observe the heavens, my buddy and I would sit at the VFO of his Hallicrafters S 38c like safe crackers trying to coax faraway signals out of that humble radio. My love of astronomy and radio survive to this day fifty+ years later.

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