Throop Peak & Mount Lewis

22 AUGUST 2020 W6/CT-005

Another 4 am start from Topanga in an effort to beat wearing a mask on the way up the mountain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I arrived at Dawson Saddle about 6am and there was only one other hiker getting ready. The smoke from the Apple fire was somewhat abated but the air was heavy with monsoon moisture. The hike is a beautiful, easy stroll up a forested, well-graded trail. It’s about 2 miles and 1200′ to the summit from Dawson Saddle. I was met with a brief rain shower on the trip up – just enough to wet the ground and cool me off.

Check out the Hundred Peaks Section guide to Throop Peak.

On the summit several people stopped by and I explained what the Summits on the Air program was all about. Jacob, originally from Texas, had spent the night on Baden-Powell and was headed back to Dawson Saddle. Catherine was a beautiful young woman from San Diego who was headed up to Baden-Powell on her own. Good for her! These young soloists had a palpable love of the mountains that did my heart well to see their knowledge and enthusiasm in these strange days.

Baden-Powell and San Antonio from intersection of the Pacific Crest Trail and the Dawson Saddle Trail

I made 11 contacts on 2m FM including 6 summit-to-summit!

Happy Activator

Mount Lewis 22 August 2020 W6/CT-246

I wasn’t really sure where I was going to go from Throop. I had been thinking about Mount Baden-Powell, but I was already starting to see a lot of people. The thought of hiking uphill with a mask on in the muggy, monsoon air was not appealing, but I wasn’t feeling done for the day so I decided on the short steep trip up Mount Lewis. I figured I would see fewer people there.

As easy the grade is on the Throop trail, the Mt. Lewis trail is as steep. It is only about a third of a mile and 500′ up. Jeffery Pines provided the shade for my stops to catch my 64-year-old breath. The top is pleasantly forested as well and would make a fun overnight camp spot.

Check out the Hundred Peaks Section guide to Mount Lewis.

Got it made in the shade on the summit of Mount Lewis. Will Thrall Peak and Pallatt Mountain in the background.

I made 6 contacts including 2 summit-to-summits with K6TNT and KK6USY booming in from over on Kratka Ridge. All-in-all a very successful day with 16 activator points and 21 S2S points.

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