Pacifico Mountain x2

The Bobcat fire scarred San Gabriel Mountains from Pacifico Mountain 9 APRIL 2022 W6/CT-015 After hiking up Mount Emma at dawn I intended to to the two unnamed neighbors of that mountain. However, after my summit-to-summit with Dan NA6MG on Mount Gleason, he changed my mind by suggesting Pacifico Mountain. I had done this mountainContinue reading “Pacifico Mountain x2”

Mount Emma

The walk up took me about 40 minutes carrying a pretty heavy pack. I was bringing along my new drone — a DJI Mini 2. I have the beginnings of an idea for a movie that I would like to do about SOTA, so I wanted to practice flying Chester as I’ve named my littleContinue reading “Mount Emma”

Conejo Mountain x2

One happy SOTA operator. Photo by R. Crenshaw 1 APRIL 2022 W6/SC-318 I met my nephew as it was just starting to get light in the Dos Vientos section of Newberry Park. Venus, Mars and Saturn all graced the eastern skyline on this fair and mild early morning. We saw three deer as we madeContinue reading “Conejo Mountain x2”