East Twin Peaks

“Look up at the mountain I have to climb” Cat Stevens. Twin Peaks from the high point on the Mt Waterman Trail. Not visible is the very bottom of the daunting saddle that must be traversed to reach the summit. That’s Santiago Peak off to the left. 24 SEPTEMBER 2022 W6/CT-064 Elevation: 7,761′ Route: ForestContinue reading “East Twin Peaks”

Mount Lewis x2

Chester takes a shot of the station on the charred summit of Mount Lewis Elevation: 8,396′ Route: Use trail Hike Distance: 1 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 450′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Very steep! Vehicle: Passenger car Road: Highway 2 paved Cell Coverage: Poor/None (Verizon), APRS Excellent Hike basics post and drone shots to follow

Throop Peak x3

Chester takes a snap of the station looking north out toward Mt Williamson and the Antelope Valley 3 SEPTEMBER 2022 W6/CT-005 Elevation: 9,138′ Route: Forest service trail and use trail Hike Distance: 3.6 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 1,000′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Gentle with a moderate section at the end Vehicle: Passenger car Road: PavedContinue reading “Throop Peak x3”

Josephine Peak x2

Metamorphic rock from the Mesozoic. This exposed batholith near the summit of Josephine is Mendenhall gniess with anorthosite dikes. 27 MARCH 2022 W6/CT-25 I initially planned on activating Throop Peak and headed out of Topanga at about 4am. It was pretty foggy in the San Fernando Valley and as I turned to go up HighwayContinue reading “Josephine Peak x2”