Simplex Frequencies

TASMA Approved Simplex Frequencies for the Southern California Area













•146.430 (ATV voice)


146.520 National Calling Frequency



•146.565 (T-hunts)

146.580 North American Adventure Frequency




•446.000 National Calling Frequency



The bold frequencies are perhaps the most commonly used in the Southern California area and elsewhere. I recommend programming them into your radio.

The National Calling Frequency can see a lot of use in a busy area like the Los Angeles Basin. Please be aware that there may be conversations going on that you cannot hear, or hear only half of the conversation. Please try and limit your usage of this frequency to three minutes or less.

One good way to make use of National Calling Frequency on a summit activation is to listen for a while to make sure it is not in use, then announce that you are doing a SOTA activation and will be listening on another frequency, then announce that frequency.

It is perfectly fine to ask for a break in an existing QSO to make this announcement if others are not adhering to the three-minute rule.

The National Adventure Frequency can also get busy on a weekend around the LA Basin with other activators. Consider sharing the frequency with other activators. This is where you take turns logging the various chasers that check in. You probably wont both be able to hear all the chasers, but, as long as you can hear each other well this works.

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