Mount Emma

The walk up took me about 40 minutes carrying a pretty heavy pack. I was bringing along my new drone — a DJI Mini 2. I have the beginnings of an idea for a movie that I would like to do about SOTA, so I wanted to practice flying Chester as I’ve named my littleContinue reading “Mount Emma”

Conejo Mountain x2

One happy SOTA operator. Photo by R. Crenshaw 1 APRIL 2022 W6/SC-318 I met my nephew as it was just starting to get light in the Dos Vientos section of Newberry Park. Venus, Mars and Saturn all graced the eastern skyline on this fair and mild early morning. We saw three deer as we madeContinue reading “Conejo Mountain x2”

Josephine Peak x2

Metamorphic rock from the Mesozoic. This exposed batholith near the summit of Josephine is Mendenhall gniess with anorthosite dikes. 27 MARCH 2022 W6/CT-25 I initially planned on activating Throop Peak and headed out of Topanga at about 4am. It was pretty foggy in the San Fernando Valley and as I turned to go up HighwayContinue reading “Josephine Peak x2”

Triunfo Lookout x3

Sunrise on the Roof of the Santa Monica Mountains: Boney Ridge and the mis-named Sandstone Peak 25 MARCH 2022 W6/SC-219 I was unable to get out and do a SOTA summit the previous weekend and I desperately needed my SOTA fix. As I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway in the dark before dawn IContinue reading “Triunfo Lookout x3”

Peak 2,450 “Bodle Peak” x3

A misty sunrise over Castro Peak and Ladyface After reading AJ6KZ’s warning about this summit being closed I decided to drive up before work on a misty Thursday morning before dawn and take a look. While the peak itself is on Las Virginis Municipal Water District’s land and the route does cross private property, I’veContinue reading “Peak 2,450 “Bodle Peak” x3″