2,450′ – Bodle Peak

22 OCTOBER 2020 W6/SC-237 A little history about this summit – in 1930 a fire lookout tower was moved from Blue Ridge in the San Gabriel Mountains to this location. County forester Spence D. Turner said the move was intended to protect “…a highly hazardous mountain area where there are many summer homes and valuableContinue reading “2,450′ – Bodle Peak”

Waterman Mountain

Just before sunrise on the trail to Waterman Mountain 29 AUGUST 2020 W6/CT-012 It’s been almost a month now since my first activation and my happy discovery of the joys of Summits on the Air. I’d activated 7 summits and was aiming for 8. One thing this brief experience has taught me: getting an HFContinue reading “Waterman Mountain”