Clark’s Peak 2020 and 2021

The Anacapa Islands and Santa Cruz Island with a container ship from Clark’s Peak 31 DECEMBER 2020 – 1 JANUARY 2021 W6/SC-292 Scott WA9STI had let me know about the Zulu New Year in SOTA – or the phenomena that an operator could get credit for two activations by operating from a summit on theContinue reading “Clark’s Peak 2020 and 2021”

Cerro Negro Benchmark & Flint Peak

The Winter Solstice – 21 DECEMBER 2020. W6/CT-225 & 226 These two short hikes are easily done in a few hours. I picked the shortest day of the year to do them – The winter solstice. The Santa Ana winds had petered out and left the Los Angeles Basin sparklingly clear, calm and warm. That’sContinue reading “Cerro Negro Benchmark & Flint Peak”

Verdugo Mountain High Point

18 DECEMBER 2020 W6/CT-269 The last time I hiked up Verdugo Mountain my brother Mark and I approached the summit from La Tuna Canyon. Brian WA6JFK warned me that cars parked there have been getting broken into, so I decided to try a new route – from Whiting Woods Road in Verdugo City, next toContinue reading “Verdugo Mountain High Point”