Banner Ridge

Looking south from this fine peak at the Mt Sill and the Palisades. Mt Tom is the prominent peak in the middle 17 SEPTEMBER 2022 W6/ND-029 After completing 37 miles of the John Muir Trail with a 38 pound backpack, my good friends Bill Smith, Steve Tennant and I hung out in Lee Vining overnight.Continue reading “Banner Ridge”

Dry Creek Knoll

Mt. Ritter and Banner (Partially hidden in the clouds) and the Minarets off to the west with the San Joaquin Ridge in between. 11 SEPTEMBER 2022 W6/ND-392 Elevation: 8,851′ Route: Forest service road & cross country Hike Distance: 2.5 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 500′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Gentle Vehicle: Passenger car Road: Paved CellContinue reading “Dry Creek Knoll”

Summit 10,940′

Looking north up the White Mountains with some serious weather moving in. 10 SEPTEMBER 2022 W6/WH-008 Elevation: 10,940′ Route: Use trail and cross country Hike Distance: .3 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 150′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Moderate Vehicle: Passenger car Road: Good dirt road Cell Coverage: None (Verizon), APRS Excellent Hike basics After my frenziedContinue reading “Summit 10,940′”

Summit 10,660′

Looking north toward White Mountain Peak on an unsettled weather day as Tropical Storm Kay slowly enters the region. That’s Clem Nelson Peak on the right just in the clouds a bit. 10 SEPTEMBER 2022 W6/WH-009 Elevation: 10,660′ Route: Old mining road and cross country Hike Distance: 1 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 550′ Navigation:Continue reading “Summit 10,660′”

Mount Lewis x2

Chester takes a shot of the station on the charred summit of Mount Lewis Elevation: 8,396′ Route: Use trail Hike Distance: 1 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 450′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Very steep! Vehicle: Passenger car Road: Highway 2 paved Cell Coverage: Poor/None (Verizon), APRS Excellent Hike basics post and drone shots to follow

Throop Peak x3

Chester takes a snap of the station looking north out toward Mt Williamson and the Antelope Valley 3 SEPTEMBER 2022 W6/CT-005 Elevation: 9,138′ Route: Forest service trail and use trail Hike Distance: 3.6 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 1,000′ Navigation: Easy Steepness: Gentle with a moderate section at the end Vehicle: Passenger car Road: PavedContinue reading “Throop Peak x3”

Bill Williams Mountain

Looking east toward the highest point in Arizona, Mount Humphries. That’s Dogtown Reservoir in between. 6 AUG 2022 W7A/AE-018 Elevation: 9,255′ Route: Drive-up Hike Distance: n/a Elevation Gain: n/a Navigation: Easy Steepness: n/a Vehicle: High clearance SUV recommended Road: Dirt Cell Coverage: Good (Verizon) Hike basics Cassie and I planned a layover in Flagstaff onContinue reading “Bill Williams Mountain”

Whitaker Peak

Chester the Drone takes a nice shot looking west over the station to the wilds around Cobblestone Mountain. Topotopo Mountain and Hines Peak also visible. 13 AUGUST 2022 W6/SC-076 Elevation: 4,174′ Route: Mostly good road, brushy cross country last half mile Hike Distance: 9 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 1,250′ on the way out plusContinue reading “Whitaker Peak”

Agua Fria Peak

Alpine tableau on the summit of Agua Fria Peak 30 JULY 2022 W5N/CM-008 Route: A labyrinth of spec roads Hike Distance: 4 miles round trip Elevation Gain: 200′ Navigation: Difficult Steepness: Easy Vehicle: Passenger car Road: Good dirt road Cell Coverage: None on the summit (Verizon), Good APRS Hike basics Cassie (KG6MZR) and I triedContinue reading “Agua Fria Peak”